I should have written sooner, but I got a bit distracted with other matters. In any case, I am writing now. 

I, Amery Cage, have been accepted into the Order of Whispers. Though, an honor, it certainly was not anything I expected.

… I was not sure what I was expecting, to be honest. Certainly not running around with a goofy Charr whilst in pirate drag. My mentor, Tybalt Leftpaw, had me cause a ruckus with the pirates by starting a drinking contest. It was a good thing alcohol never leaves much of an effect on me. I downed quite a bit while my mentor found the woman we were supposed to be rescuing. 

After all of that, I made my way back to Kessex Hills. As I do not write often, many of you probably are not aware of my family troubles regarding my lost sister. I had run into this small Mesmer orphan awhile ago. She had a quest to find her family. After much research, it has been confirmed that she is actually Annali Cage, my younger sister. She now goes by Suvi, however. Now, I do not have any parents, seeing as they were assassinated many years ago. So, unfortunately,  this girl and I only have each other now. I do not really know how to be an older brother… It isn’t exactly something that can be researched. 

- Amery Cage